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Health Industry Summit 2023

GENERAL GUIDELINES All candidates for the Healthcare Industry Awards, must strictly comply with the following requirements: The Company must have at least five (5) years operational experience in Puerto Rico. Results must be delivered with the following specifications: It should have NO more than 3 pages. (20 MB Max.) Objectives – Brief description of the…

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Past Presidents

Past Presidents Place introduction text here. Lupercio Colberg, 1928-30 Nathaniel Pasarell, 1931 Santos Zubillaga, 1932-38 Gabriel de la Haba, 1939 J.A.E. Rodríguez, 1940-51 Ángel Suárez, 1952 Juan Suárez, 1953-54 Antonio Rodríguez Géigel, 1955-56 Enrique Castillo, 1957-59 Sabino Valdés, 1960-61 Alfonso Valdés, 1962 Robert P. McQueeny, 1963-64 Antonio Luis Ferré, 1965-66 Sergio Camero, 1967-68 Augusto N.…

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