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All candidates for the Healthcare Industry Awards, must strictly comply with the following requirements:

  1. The Company must have at least five (5) years operational experience in Puerto Rico.
  2. Results must be delivered with the following specifications:
    • It should have NO more than 3 pages. (20 MB Max.)
      • Objectives - Brief description of the objectives of the project to be submitted.
      • Process / Plan / Execution - Brief detail of the process, plan or execution that was carried out during the project.
      • Period - Detail the period in which the project was carried out.
      • Results - Briefly, present the results in detail on how your project was successful.

The companies will be evaluated for their achievements from January 2021 until their nomination, in areas such as: Innovation & Technology, Patient-Centered Results, and Mental Health. 

Deadline to submit nominations - February 20, 2023 until 11:00 a.m. 




To be considered for this award, the organization developed and implemented a project based on the World Health Organization (WHO) ‘health innovation’ definition.  New or improve practices, policies, systems, products, or technology are used to improve healthcare.

For this award, the following criteria will be considered:

1.      Improve efficiency or effectiveness

2.      Quality of services or delivery method

3.      Sustainability and applicability

4.      Affordability of healthcare

5.      Newness

6.      Social Impact


For this award, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Access to Healthcare
  2. Quality of Healthcare services
    1. Health Education - model of sharing knowledge, prevention, and information of health to diverse populations, support with instructions on medications and/or use of medical equipment.
    2. Attention to Social Determinants – identification and referrals to ensure that the patient and family can meet the needs that directly impact the physical and emotional health, including transportation, home safety, access to health, food safety and community resources.
    3. Multidisciplinary Approach - including doctors, nurses, social workers, nutritionists, health educators, behavioral health specialists.
    4. Care Coordination – referral support system for labs, radiology, medical equipment, and others.
  1. Patient Experience - satisfaction of patients and families with the experience medical office care, doctor, and health care. Short waiting time in the office; timely response to emails and phone calls; use efficient doctor and patient time; friendly and compassionate staff.


To be considered for this award, the organization must have created projects that are improving the way mental health programs are served in Puerto Rico.

For this award, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Understanding mental health and well-being and the parity of esteem addressing both physical health and mental health
  2. Appropriate use of measures to evaluate mental health and well-being impact
  3. Community Impact
  1. Equitable access to care
  2. Sustainability
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