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WCPRMA Committees & Programs

Part of the work done by the Women's Chapter depends on the efforts made by our committees & programs. You can be part of any of them and, therefore, help to establish the chapter further.

Mentorship Program

This program is an inspiring initiative designed to foster professional growth, leadership development, and networking opportunities for women in the PRMA community. The program is open to individuals affiliated to the Industrial Women's Chapter who are interested in supporting their professional development, as well as that of other women.

PRMA Women's Chapter Mentorship Program Image


Develop leadership skills: Through personalized mentoring, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their leadership skills under the guidance of experienced mentors in the field. They will gain valuable insights, strategies, and personalized advice to navigate their career path with confidence. ​

Expand the network: The participant will have the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of mentors and mentees with diverse ideas and career paths within the PRMA community. The participant will also be able to establish lasting relationships that extend beyond the program, opening doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and a broader professional network. ​

Exchange ideas and resources: They will be able to develop a project aligned with their professional goals, share knowledge, and exchange resources with their mentor and other participants. This collaborative environment will empower the participants to explore new perspectives, strategies, and approaches to enhance their professional development..​


1:1 Mentor/Mente Meetings​

Presential Group Meetings to train on a specific topic (i.e., every two months in different locations) ​


Corporate Chapter Committee

The committee was created to establish a representative per industry to serve as a direct link with the companies affiliated with the Chapter to maintain direct and effective communication. This allows us to create and promote activities that foster assertive integration between industries, affiliates, and the Chapter.


Promote the participant’s Professional and personal brand (i.e., companies/businesses can promote and present their products/services and share practices that have worked for them).​

Integration of the employees from the Business with the coordination of activities at the Sites will allow employees to connect, feel included, valued, and be proud of their work.​

Create a network of contacts (i.e., meet people who can help grow the participant’s business or companies and create connections that can be beneficial in the future).​

Share information with other companies or professionals (i.e., learn what other companies are doing and implement these practices in other companies)​

Serve as an example to other companies, companies, or businesses on the practices held at the organization or business.​

Job fairs provide an excellent platform for students to connect with potential employers, industry professionals, and recruiters. Networking can lead to valuable contacts and insights.


Corporate and Business Semi-annual Site Meetings​

University students' Job Fairs and Professional Attire Donations (i.e., UAG Mendez, etc.)

Social Responsibility Committee

This committee seeks to work on activities that contribute to a supportive environment and increase the participation of affiliates in their matters related to volunteering and community help. It also seeks to continue empowering women who are suffering from abuse so that they can become economically independent.



By actively engaging in a social responsibility practice, a company builds a positive reputation.​

Create, support, and promote various responsible social actions that encourage active contributions to improving the quality of life of our communities, environment, and women.​

Unite to provide education, information, and tools that help women become economically independent to help mitigate domestic violence situations.


Supporting Special Needs Individuals and Groups through Goods and Food Donations​

Improvement and Empowerment talks (i.e., International Women’s Day Celebration, Alliances with the Women Procurement Office of PR, etc.)

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