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Welcome to ehub, the most powerful and transformative virtual an innovative platform, powered by PRMA. With an advanced global technology, ehub will provide you digital marketing, eCommerce, collaboration, knowledge sharing and online learning, all in the same place.

ehub Exhibitors

ehub and Physical Exhibitors Prices

Size Member Price NonMember Price
Small $3,500 $4,500
Medium $5,500 $7,500
Large $8,500 $9,500
Custom $25K $35K

Note:  Every virtual Exhibitor will be land on PRMA ehub Platform for a one year period. Four revisions are allowed without additional cost.

ehub Sponsorship Oportunities

ZONES Member Price NonMember Price
One $17,000 $20,400
Two $15,000 $18,000
Three $13,000 $15,600
Four $11,000 $13,200
Five $9,000 $10,800
Six $7,000 $8,400
Seven $5,000 $6,000
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